Tapak Suci of Brawijaya University International Open II 2014

On behalf of Dies Natalies UB 52 years, it is our great pleasure to invite you and your delegation athlete to the 2nd International Competition of Tapak Suci to be held at the Hall of Samantha Krida Brawijaya University from 5th to 12th October 2014. Featuring the theme of “EUFORIA (Ebullient Fairground of Brawijaya)”, this competition are purposed to keep the communication of members and also increase the quality of Tapak Suci’s athletes.
This would be a great opportunity to meet with other Tapak Suci members from around the world. Therefore, we would highly appreciate your active participation and fervent support so that the competition will be a worthy one.
We look forward to your participation!

The proposal invitation of our championship will spread to all universities that have unit activity of Tapak Suci. The spread of this Invitation are made via e-mail to colleges and PIMWIL of Tapak Suci. For those who have not received the proposal can write an e-mail address and contact person via our fan page or can be directly downloaded here.

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